In the beginning Definitive Wax only planned on formulating one wax, Definitive Wax Marble, which was to be used exclusively on our customers’ vehicles. Having been asked a few critical questions by our customers regarding ongoing maintenance products we soon realised that we needed a complete range of products to compliment our treatments. So the Definitive Wax collection was produced.

Definitive Wax Marble was the first wax we made and has been carefully refined over a number of years to offer a superior level of paintwork protection and outstanding depth of shine. Incorporating a luxurious blend of the finest Brazilian #1 carnauba wax, beeswax and other natural oils, it’s housed in a beautifully crafted solid marble case.

We soon realised that one wax formulation simply would not work in all applications so we set about developing a range of vehicle specific waxes. The Definitive Wax Collection evolved, with Durus Glaze durable hard wax for everyday cars, through to Ostendo Glaze wet look wax for outstanding show winning cars.