Swirl Mark Removal TreatmentSwirl Mark Removal Treatment is designed for vehicles whose paintwork contains major paint defects. When it comes to purchasing a used vehicle or if you’ve owned your vehicle for a period of time, it is common that the paintwork will not be in perfect condition and will contain numerous defects. These are things such as swirl marks, dull oxidized paint, light to medium scratches inflicted by poor washing techniques and airborne contaminates, so when viewed in direct sunlight the appearance of your vehicle will be compromised.

As well as containing all the benefits of the Vehicle Protection Treatment, your vehicle will receive an intensive polishing process over a period of at least 40 hours to ensure your vehicle’s paint is totally defect-free and reflects light perfectly.

All restored surfaces will then be protected using 3 layers of our exclusive Definitive Wax, resulting in a flawless and fully protected finish, unrivalled by any other carnauba wax-based paint protection system.

Stage 1 – Exterior decontamination

  • Full vehicle pre-soak using bio-degradable citrus cleaners.
  • Wheels treated to a 3 stage decontamination process.
  • Full comprehensive vehicle wash using a pH neutral shampoo.
  • Final rinse with pure water using De-ionising Water Filter.
  • Hand-dried using ultra soft microfibre drying towels.

Stage 2 – Paintwork preparation

  • Paintwork treated with a ferrous and non-ferrous removal solution to ensure any metallic based contaminants are removed prior to the claying process.
  • Full decontamination process to remove bonded surface contaminants from paint and glasswork using Definitive Wax Detailing Clay.
  • Full paintwork inspection under critical lighting to highlight any paint defects present.
  • All painted surfaces measured using an ultrasonic paint depth guage.
  • Multi-Stage machine polishing process to dramatically enhance gloss, remove swirl marks, holograms and surface marring induce during previous washing sessions.
  • Full paintwork wipe down with IPA to ensure paintwork is 100% free from contaminants.

Stage 3 – Exterior Protection

  • Apply two layers of Definitive Wax Magnum Opus for that extra warm deep glow associated with a carnauba-rich wax.
  • £95 OPTION – Add a layer of Definitive Wax HCC Pro for increased protection.
  • £35 OPTION – Apply Definitive Wax glass coat which forms a chemical bond to the glass, which improves visibility, has strong anti-smear and dirt repellent properties.
  • £75 OPTION – Apply Definitive Wax HCC Pro to wheels to provide a hard durable barrier which will help protect the wheels against damage associated from brake dust contamination.

Stage 4 – Interior Detail

  • All debris removed and surfaces wiped down.
  • All internal glass and mirrors polished.
  • Full comprehensive vacuum.
  • £35 OPTION – Fabric Interior Protection – apply Definitive Wax Fabric Guard to all carpet and textile surfaces. This coating will help to protect fibres against liquid damage, food, and harmful UV rays.
  • £70 OPTION – Leather Interior Protection – apply Definitive Wax Leather Guard to all leather surfaces which will help to protect against liquid damage, dye transfer, ink stains and premature cracking.