Development Wax 1


PLEASE READ THE ENTIRE TEXT PRIOR TO ORDERING. Only 100 jars available. Please only fill in the feedback form once you have ORDERED & USED the Development Wax. Feedback must to be given within 21days of purchase.

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Product Description

Welcome to our first wax development program. This is where we invite you to help us develop a new car wax by giving us feedback on Development Wax samples you can purchase.


Firstly we are going release a wax called “Development Wax 1” for purchase, this will be the starting formulation for the wax development program. One hundred 55ml jars will be made available for the public to purchase and provide us feedback via email and our FEEDBACK FORM. Once we receive feedback from all customers (feedback must be received within 21days), we will take the feedback and put it in to Development Wax 2 and as Development Wax 1 we will make 100 jars available for purchase and await the feedback before we release Development wax 3 for purchase. Once we receive all feedback from Development Wax 3 we will manufacture the final blend in 200ml full size jars and release the wax for general sale. Each Development Wax 1,2 and 3 will cost £10 each when they become available.


Development Wax 1 is scent free and the colour is light yellow. The wax can be applied to the entire vehicle prior to removal. We highly recommend that the surface to be waxed is free from other waxes and sealants. For best results please apply to panels that are cool to the touch. Try not to get wet until at least 2hrs after application.


How was application? What colour & scent would you like it to be? What would you like us to change? What was the water behaviour like? What was the gloss and overall finish like once you removed the wax? etc etc.


Customers who take part in the full development program and purchase all three DEVELOPMENT WAXES & provide three sets of feedback will receive a full 200ml jar of the final products FREE OF CHARGE.

Make sure you put your full name and order number on your feedback.

Your £10 purchase only entitles you to one 55ml jar Development Wax 1.