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CORA 55ml™


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Product Description

Definitive Wax – CORA™ is formulated to give the perfect introduction to our automotive wax range. An easy on/off formula blended using T1 grade carnauba wax, CORA™ will provide sharp reflections accompanined with good gloss. CORA™ is the perfect wax for those who like to wax their vehicle on a regular basis and 2-3months durability can be expected on a vehicle parked outside.

Key Features

  • Good hydrophobic properties.
  • Easy-on Easy-off formula.
  • Good gloss and sharp reflections.
  • 55ml jar


Wax Application Guide

1. Wash and dry your vehicle using Definitive Wax pH neutral automotive shampoo.

2. Ensure surface to be treated is completely free of other waxes and sealants, if unsure please apply Definitive Wax pre-wax cleanse to surfaces.

3. Ensure surfaces to be treated are cool to the touch and out of direct sunlight.

4. Apply a very small amount of your chosen wax to your prepared surface utilizing a ultra soft, foam applicator. Apply the wax in a very thin layer to ensure maximum results upon removal.

5. Allow the wax to cure for up to 5 minutes.

6. Using a short pile microfibre towel, WIPE off the residue and buff to a high gloss finish. A finally buff maybe required approximately two to three hours later to ensure high gloss finish.